Water Heater

Jamal Al Serkal Group has the Exclusive Agency Distribution Rights for the UAE, Middle East and Africa for Commercial and Residential SOLAR HOT WATER HEATERS, from Residential, Hotels, Apartment Buildings, and large Commercial Towers to Labor Camp projects.

Our design Engineers can evaluate the requested Project and Engineer the proper design and heating capacity for all the Hot Water requirement only through SOLAR heating of specially designed Heat Tubes that are used to collect the sun’s radiation and convert it to heat, which heats up the water to water temperatures suitable for any Hot Water application.

Solar water heating systems use solar energy to deliver hot water, and not electricity like this is the case with solar panels. The popularity of solar water heating systems continues to grow so let us learn something about their advantages.   

Solar water heating systems advantages: 

  • They use solar energy which is a free, renewable source of energy
  • By using solar energy they help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels
  • In sunny and warm places with high insulation values, solar water heating systems are highly cost effective
  • Many countries around the world offer favourable incentives for the installation of solar water heating systems
  • Easy to install and extremely low maintenance