Smart Marker



Perfect for teachers who use traditional whiteboards.

Smartmarker digitizes your whiteboard notes. Just slip an everyday whiteboard marker into the Smartmarker sleeve and whatever you write or draw will be captured, streamed, and saved in an editable format in real time. You can easily convert your writing into text, resize drawings, and erase – your captured notes are now digital!

Stream your meeting notes in real time to remote users.

Stream your notes to your students in real time. This is great for students of all ages from a college large lecture room, to a 3rd grade classroom where students have their own devices. Allow students to see your lecture notes crystal clear on their devices. Smartmarker allows you to save all your lecture notes and sync it with whatever device you use: phone, tablet, computer, or laptop.  With capture area up to 16ft x 5ft (5m x 1.5m) you will never feel confined to one spot on your board.

With automatic pairing and a streamlined app, the new eBeam Smartmarker is simple for any employee to pick up and start using intuitively





The Smartmarker Complete package comes with the sensor, 4 marker sleeves, a charging cradle, and one big eraser. The 4 marker sleeves come in the colors: black, blue, red, and green. In the digital copy, these marker sleeves will reflect their color. For example, if you write with the blue marker sleeve, all your whiteboard markings will show up digitally on the app in blue. You can also edit your notes to change the color during or after your writing session.