CHILLER Products from Finland, CHILLER is the largest free cooling system developers in the World today, who sspecialize in cooling systems (Air Conditioning) for:  Residential, Towers, Hotels, Villas & Apartment Houses, Shopping Centres, Hospitals and Computer and Electrical Rooms.

Jamal Al Serkal Group has been solely authorized by CHILLER OY, FINLAND, to distribute their products throughout the Middle East & Africa. Further, Jamal Al Serkal Group will have full access to commercial and technical support and spare parts from CHILLER OY.  Hemyan Air Conditioning Trading, Est., undertakes the sales, installation and service activities of CHILLER. 

We have implemented an Air Conditioning System that requires a much lower wattage requirement for its operation.  Our Cold Water Chiller Units along with our Cold Fan Ceiling Units lower the “GRID” power requirement substantially, saving money, time and labor on the “City Power Infrastructure” implementation from the size of cables and wires required to saving on the sub-stations, switchgear and breakers and no need for duct work or grills in our System, etc. With our systems there is less labor and installation costs, because there is no duct work or grills to be installed.  Also, our units are noiseless due to the motor and fan design, even when the fan is on high power.