Spark Building Contractor



Spark derives it's strength from the seamless planning and flawless execution of all jobs with which it is awarded. It boasts Certified Quality Assurance Plans and compliance  with all safety regulations. Sparks strategy hinges on a continuous search for new opportunities in the market, an example of which is enhancing its already extensive experience in infrastructure line and related Civil & Road works in the field of on-shore oil and gas. Spark is qualified in Oil & Gas Sector with M/s Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and its subsidiaries, i.e GASCO, ADCO, TAKREER, BOROUGE, etc., as well as with Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA), M/s Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and UAE Armed Forces for Infrastructure line and related Civil & Road works.Out projects are managed & operated by a qualified in-house technical staff, skilled workforce, necessary machines & equipments.

  • All kinds of Building Projects Contracting
  • Main Roads, Streets & Related Works Contracting
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Fields & Facilities Services
  • Excavation, Back filling
  • Foundations Excavation & Props Installation
  • Oil & Natural Gas Pipelines Construction Contracting
  1. Civil Construction Works
    Foundation, Sub-Structural, Super-Structural and Finishing Works for:
    • Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
    • Pipeline Facility¬† Structures such as Pipe Racks, Terminals, SV Stations, Dispatch Stations, Receipt Station, pigging Stations, valve Pits, STPs.
    • Electrical/Instrumentation Facility Structures (incorporated Civil Works) such as Sub-Stations, Terminal Buildings, RDSs, GRSs, RCC Trenches.
  2. Earth Works
    Deep Excavations, Disposal, Back filling, Embankments, Berms, Cut & Fill, Grading, Topographic/Construction Surveying and Site Preparation works.
  3. Road Works
    Right-of-Way & Urban Roads, Formations, Sub-Base, Road-Base, Culverts, Asphalts Roads, Bituminous Surface Treatments, Interlock Tile Pavement with Kerbstone Edging.
  4. Piping & Pipeline Works
    Trenching, Laying, Jointing, Testing & Commisioning, Backfilling, Welding, Installations on Platforms for all types of pipelines